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Silversea Cruises – The Top Luxury Cruise Line



Silversea Cruises take the title as the world’s best luxury cruise line. It is owned and run by the Lefebres, a family in Rome. Silversea Ltd has its headquarters based in Monaco. The company caters to the needs of the world traveler and has its branches spread around the world in the United States, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Silversea Cruises boasts of six luxury cruise ships and voyages to all the seven continents.

This cruise line sets itself above the rest due to its deep and sincere commitment to maintaining and upholding the set high standards of cruise excellence from the very beginning. The first unique cruise ship of the company was launched in 1994 and thus created a new niche for the ultra-modern luxury travel market with a unique class of ships that were smaller and purpose-built that could sail into the exotic ports.

Silversea Cruises Ships

The ships of Silversea Cruises are unique and specially designed for fewer passengers. They feature bigger space than other cruise ships and offer the highest level of personalized service.
Due to their size which is uniquely smaller than other ships, the Silversea Cruises ships are able to offer intimacy, a very close knit camaraderie and to top it all, the possibility of exploring and venturing into secluded harbors which are rarely seen and where true adventure exists. With an onboard experience that is personalized and rich, the guests get to experience a meaningful and satisfying voyage and that is the reason as to why the silversea ships continue sailing. The company’s cruise ships access smaller harbors and other landmark destinations that are inaccessible to large ships.
The ships in the Silversea Cruises line are:
• The Silver Cloud. Has a capacity of 295 guests’ and 222 crew members. This is what began the silversea’s road to excellence. It is a unique ship that many passengers return to.
• The Silver Wind. One of the most intimate ships with a large deck space, expanded spa and multiple entertainment joints. Has a capacity of 296 guests’ and 222 members of the crew.
• The Silver Shadow. Has capacity of 382 guests, 302 crew members. It offers the luxuries of a private yatch, offers services similar to an exclusive hotel and its amenities are akin to that of a fine country club.
• The Silver Whisper. Has capacity of 302 crew members’ and 382 guests. It is an intimate ship that offers a sumptuous retreat and wraps all its guests in a feeling of being home.
• The Silver Spirit. Has capacity of 540 guests and 376 members of crew. It was launched in the late 2009. It is regarded as the silversea’s beautiful and latest flagship.
• The Silver Explorer. Was formerly known as Price Albert II. Has capacity of 117 crew members and 132 guests. With a high level of luxury and a hull that is ice-strengthened, this ship offers a unique authentic travel experience.

Silversea Cruises Pricing.

The Silversea Cruises offers a competitive price package. The revised new pricing starts from only $1,999. The fares are inclusive of amenities offered in the different ships.
• Mediterranean voyage is from $1,999.
• Asia voyage is from $4,399.
• Northern Europe voyage is from $2,799.
• Africa voyage is from $4,999.
• Alaska voyage is from $3,199.
• The special Silversea expeditions are from $5,899.
Depending on the length of the voyage, the online spending credit is set from $500 to $1,500 per double occupancy .the prices are above are in US dollars. Charges are per guest and are based on double occupancy.
If considering travelling with the cruise line, it is wise to book and reserve your suite early as they get filled up quickly.

Features of the Silversea Cruises

• The style. Every detail aboard the silversea cruise ships reflects aspects of styling that is distinctively European. Silversea Cruises has style that is inspired by the ancient yet golden age of cruising and the decorative art deco design has helped create an exquisite 1930s ambience to this company’s cruise ships and this has been blended well with modern elegance and glamour that is timeless.
• Silversea Cruises offers suites that have ocean views that are sumptuous and exotic and with a guest to staff ratio of almost one to one, personalized service is emphasized aboard the silversea ships.
• Offers its guests access to a wide range of exciting and exclusive destinations for exploration thus enriching cultural connections that are unique.
• The dining experience is exquisite with uncompromising service. The guests enjoy an option of open- sitting arrangement when dining. Amenities included aboard include fitness facilities, entertainment venues, casinos, expanded and modern spas and show lounges.
• Onboard the Silversea Cruises are a team of destination consultants who are experts on dispersing knowledge on culture, history and religion of different destinations.
• Their program has activities that include: wine tastings, dancing classes, exercise sessions at the gym, massage and therapy services, participation in cooking demonstrations, swimming, board games, bridge tours, afternoon tea, shopping in boutiques, casino lessons and lectures by various speakers.

Silversea Cruises truly perfects the modern art and way of travel and offers unique, luxurious freedom of an exquisite lifestyle. Anytime that you want to fully experience an ultimate luxurious cruise vacation, choose to travel in style with Silversea Cruises, an award winning cruise line.